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A man cleaning car exhaust


Whether you need a new exhaust, an affordable exhaust repair or you want to upgrade your car's exhaust system, get in touch with Farringdon Test Centre Ltd, in Tooting. Our mechanics are here to help you.

Male mechanic replacing exhaust pipe under car


Issues with the exhaust on your car can lead to all kinds of problems, including excess noise, which is embarrassing and hard to ignore! The mechanics at Farringdon Test Centre Ltd, are experienced with a huge range of exhaust systems for both older and newer cars. We provide replacement parts for almost all makes and models and can supply entire exhaust systems as well as individual sections.

If the exhaust on your vehicle is in need of repair, you can trust our team to provide a transparent quote and excellent customer service. Get in touch to find out more or book your car in to have the exhaust system repaired now.

Interested in upgrading the exhaust system on your car? There are a whole host of benefits when it comes to upgrading your exhaust and our mechanics can take you through all of your options, taking into account, style, need, preferences, and budget! Our new exhausts could offer:

Improved engine efficiency

Better fuel efficiency

Enhanced sound and aesthetics

Enhanced compliance with emissions regulations

A whole new, upgraded look

Get in touch to find out more or talk to a specialist in exhaust systems now. You can also check out our other services which include MOTs, car servicing, car body repairs and  diagnostics.

Mechanic Under Car Installing Exhaust Pipe
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Amazing service. I know nothing about cars and these guys explain everything so that I can understand it! They’re very reasonably priced and will look after you and your car. 100% recommendation."

If your exhaust is noisy and you need repairs or an upgrade talk to our team in Tooting

Email us at,

or you can give us a call on

020 8672 9298 or 020 8672 9882

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